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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite TreatmentCellulite is the bane of many women’s lives and affects about 90% of North American women. It is caused by many factors including fat accumulation that herniates into the dermal layer, thin skin and increased fibrosity of the subdermal layers. Cellulite gives a dimpled, “orange-peel” like appearance. There are several stages of cellulite:

  • Stage 1 is manifested by skin that is cool to the touch;
  • Stage 2 shows skin dimpling when pinched;
  • Stage 3 shows up when standing but disappears when the patient lies down and
  • Stage 4 is visible standing up or lying down.

Stage 3 and 4 can sometimes take on a mattress-like appearance with discernible hills and valleys. These latter stages can be treated with Mesotherapy/Lipotherapy injections. The fat under the hills can be dissolved or killed with PC-DC solutions. The valleys can be released from their underlying fibrous connective tissue with protein dissolving solution, smoothing and flattening out the undulations. In all stages of cellulite we can use infrared spectrum LED lights to thicken and enliven the skin. This will serve to smooth out the fine Orange-peel appearance.

Cellulite is certainly not easy to treat and one needs to be patient as it takes time to see the improvements. However, we are convinced that the Lipotherapy/Infrared modalities are by far the most effective approaches available today and can improve the appearance significantly.

How long does it take to treat it?

The hills and valleys take at least four visits over two months to smooth out. The orange peel appearance requires a once-weekly visit with infrared light treatments for 12 weeks. We have had excellent results with these two major approaches. For stage 1 and 2 in patients younger than 40 we have about a 90% success rate (to achieve target satisfactory results as judged by the patient). For the more serious stage 3 and 4 cellulite in older patients our success rate is about 75%.