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Frequently Asked Questions: answered by Mark Walter M.D., C.E.O. & Medical Director of BodysculptingMD.


Questions on General Bodysculpting:

Q. Should I start with injections, laser or weight loss?

Of course this depends on the area in question and the specific case. In general we like people to approach optimal weight before they do other bodysculpting approaches. Sometimes the belly or double chin disappears with the weight loss.

Q. How does the Lipodissolve and Cold Laser compare to liposuction.

Lipodissolve microinjections and cold laser modalities take time to exert their effect but in many cases the final result is smoother and appears more natural. Of course the big difference is these nonsurgical bodysculpting approaches are much safer, have no down time and cost less that the surgical options. At BodysculptingMD we believe that surgery should always be the last resort.

Q.How long does it take to see results with the Bodysculpting Program?

This of course depends on what we are treating and how we are treating it. Lipodissolve injections are done only every two weeks, Cellulite treatments are done weekly. Since our treatments are aimed at improving appearances permanently and as such involves tissue healing and restructuring, the changes take time. It may take 4 to 8 weeks before the changes are. We try to always take photos at the start of treatment. Since the changes are often gradual and subtle at first it is quite common that people notice the changes on the photos before they can see it on themselves.

Q. Do you guarantee results with the bodysculpting and weight loss programs? What is your success rate?

In medicine when you are dealing with human beings, nothing is 100%. If somebody guarantees the results, I would question whether this is a realistic expectation. Our commitment to our patients is to educate them in with the very latest and best treatments available and to do everything we can to optimize the results. It is also important to begin with realistic expectations. I would estimate that overall we have about an 80 to 90% success rate to achieve the target results.

Q. Can you supply references to your work?

Naturally we have to respect the confidentiality of our clients. We have included some testimonials in our website. If you call the office we do keep a log of a few patients who are often willing to share their experience.

Q. How much does it cost?

Of course this depends on what treatments you receive and how many treatment sessions you have. Every program is tailored and individualized depending on a person’s needs. All of this is very clearly laid out when patients come for their free initial consultation.


Questions on The Bodysculpting Medical Weight Loss Program:

Q. Can I eat real food?

Yes, our program is based on eating real food, not food substitutes which can be quite unhealthy as well as being expensive. You can also eat out which is a relief for many of our patients. Given our modern lifestyle, a program that doesn’t allow you to eat out is really quite impractical.

Q. Are there any adverse effects of the program?

Not really. Basically our program is based on a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our patients report that they feel good on the program and feel very little hunger. Patients also report that they feel much more in control regarding food. I attribute this directly to keeping the blood sugar steady.

Q. Can I do the diet without the hormonal support?

If you try and follow the diet without the proper hormonal and vitamin support you might last two or three days before your hunger would overtake you, you would likely binge and end up frustrated and worse off than you were before. This type of Yo-yoing is extremely unhealthy and demoralizing.

Q. Can I take the hormonal support without the diet?

No. What loses the weight is the very low calorie diet but you can only sustain it when you are properly supported hormonally. Hence the importance of doing both the diet and the hormones in concert to achieve a true weight loss.

Q. Will the weight loss program work if I remain a couch potato?

Actually it may still work but we don’t recommend it. If you have little time, have physical limitations or are basically lazy we have the a special total body vibration unit (called the K1) that helps produce lean body mass in the most efficient manner possible. We have found that just 10 minutes on the K1 is equivalent to about 60 minutes of resistance training. Since lean body mass has a major impact on toning and the amount of calories your body burns, we have incorporated the K1 into our program.

Q. Will I actually lose body fat or will I end up losing muscle and water.

Excellent question. One of the reasons why our program is so elegant is that the hormonal support actually mobilizes calories from stored body fat. This is the reservoir that maintains the blood sugar even though people are eating a quite a restricted number of calories.

Q. Can I follow the weight loss program from a remote location?

It is important that we do an initial medical evaluation on all patients in person. However once we have done the initial blood work and evaluation it is possible to do some of the follow-ups on the phone. We have done this successfully on quite a few patients and began to do it because quite a few of them could not remain in place for the full eight weeks but still wanted to do the program.

Q. What prevents me from regaining the weight?

Of course one of the biggest drawbacks of many diets and weight loss programs is the high rate of recidivism (fancy term for relapsing and regaining the weight you lost). One of the big differences with our program is that we are actually resetting the hypothalamus where the appetite center resides. Patients report that they are able to find and establish a new weight setpoint. A major goal of our program is help people establish more positive lifestyle and nutritional habits. So long as patients stick to their new lifestyle skills, we believe they should be able to maintain their new weight setpoint. If people do drift off their program we offer a shorter refresher program to get people back on track. We also have some ongoing maintenance hormonal support for people who feel they need some extra support. Many of our patients continue to lose weight after the initial 9 week program, although somewhat more slowly.

If you still have questions please call us at (941) 955-4325. We would be happy to arrange a personal consultation to answer them. We also periodically have free seminars that can answer a lot of questions. We pride ourselves on educating our patients so they can understand as much as possible of the weight loss process. We believe that knowledge empowers people to greater success. We look forward to seeing you and good luck with your bodysculpting program.