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Body Sculpting Hormone Diet

Medical Weight Loss Program – Lose 15 to 30 pounds per 10 week cycle

Hormone Diet for Weight LossAs many overweight people can attest to, trying to lose weight can be a frustrating experience. This whole area abounds with misconception and ineffective and ill-conceived approaches. For example, in our opinion people need to eat real food.

If you depend on meal replacements, what happens when you stop them? Also, it’s impractical to expect people never to eat out; people need to learn what to eat in restaurants. We avoid pharmaceutical approaches- not only are the side effects unacceptable but when you discontinue them your weight will rebound. This yo-yo effect is not only frustrating but is even harder on your health (and psyche) then never having lost any weight at all.


Three Reasons You’re Overweight

Being overweight stems from three basic problems: 1) too big an appetite 2) too slow a metabolism and 3) poor choice of what you eat and when you eat it. A successful weight loss program must be based on a firm understanding of the physiology of weight loss and deal with all of these problems.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in the medical weight loss field is that we now have the technology to reset the hypothalamus, which is the appetite center and regulates the metabolism of the body. By using a specific combination of natural bioidentical hormones, vitamins and amino acid supplements we can reduce appetite dramatically and shift the metabolism so the body burns stored fat preferentially.

The Bodysculpting Medical Weight Loss Program runs in 8-week cycles and the average patient loses between 15 and 25 pounds per cycle (males tend to lose a little more and people who are more overweight will tend to lose weight more rapidly then people who are only slightly overweight). The real beauty of our program is people not only lose weight – they lose inches and achieve a desirable bodysculpting effect (i.e. the weight lost is largely from body fat, not water or lean body mass). Importantly, one of the major objectives of the program is to help people optimize some lifestyle and nutritional choices so they can maintain their results permanently!

Hormone Weight Loss Diet

Lose “Pounds and Inches”- naturally
and permanently, with our
medical weight loss program!

Tired and frustrated of losing weight
only to Yo-yo and regain
those unwanted pounds?

Our revolutionary hormone diet
program is an “all-natural,
no-starvation” system
that actually works!

Highlights of our program:

  • Lose 15 to 25 pounds (per 8 – week cycle) with our Revolutionary Physician-developed, patent-pending system
  • More effective than other programs including Pharmaceuticals, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig etc.
  • Unprecedented 90% success rate in retrospective studies to achieve and maintain target weight
  • All natural bioidentical hormones, vitamins and amino acids supports your blood sugar and prevents starvation symptoms
  • Virtually no adverse effects (as occurs with pharmaceuticals)
  • Do away with “food substitutes” and eat real food!
  • Long-term maintenance of new weight “set point” due to resetting of hypothalamus

This may be just the beginning – To complete your Bodysculpting transformation and achieve the figure or physique you always wanted ask about our revolutionary technology for Nonsurgical Bodysculpting (Lipodissolve and cold laser) and healing Cellulite