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Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical Bodysculpting: Lipotherapy, Cold Laser and the K1


Non-Surgical BodysculptingThis whole new field of Nonsurgical Bodysculpting is revolutionizing Medical Aesthetics. We now have the technology to eliminate unwanted areas of localized fat such as the belly, double chins, saddlebags, love handles and muffin tops without the risks and downtime of surgical liposuction. These areas of localized fat often develop due to hormonal shifts and are often resistant to standard diet and exercise modification.

Depending on the patient’s particular needs there are several options. Lipotherapy or Lipodissolve microinjections uses natural mixtures of phosphatidylcholine (a component of cell walls) and deoxycholate (bile salts) to actually kill and dissolve the fat (which is then dispensed with in the lymph system). This technique developed from Mesotherapy which has been used in France for over two decades and is now taught in French medical schools. Lipotherapy was pioneered by Dr. Patricia Rittes in Brazil for use on the eye’s fat pads. If done properly the technique is very safe, involves only minimal discomfort and can be very effective. Since it involves so little risk and downtime we feel it should be carefully considered before pursuing surgical approaches.

Cold Laser is another option, which is done without injections and is totally painless. It involves the application of paddles on the skin which, using cold laser technology, actually melts the fat (which is then shunted through the lymph system into the colon). Cold laser works best with softer, less fibrous body fat and can sometimes be used in conjunction with Lipodissolve injections or a medical weight loss program.

With Lipotherapy and/or Cold Laser, we now have effective technology to help many people achieve a major improvement in their body shape. You have to be patient- the average program will generally run about six to ten weeks, but the results will have a natural appearance and should be permanent as long as you maintain it with a positive lifestyle. Best of all, it can be done safely and without the attendant risks and adverse effects of pharmaceutical or surgical approaches. There is a downside to this technology – people may have to buy a new wardrobe. However, we think many will consider this a good problem to have. Lose inches and pounds and keep them off!

K1 Total Body VibrationK1 Vibration

K1 total body vibration technology is often used in our Bodysculpting and Weight Loss programs to optimize the results, increase body tone and lean body mass. The K1 technology developed from the Russian space program where it was developed o help the astronauts maintain strength in zero gravity. It is now used by elite athletes and sports teams as the fastest toning and strengthening exercises available. It can also be used by the elderly as a simple way to maintain muscle mass and strength. Amazingly, 10 minutes on the K1 is equivalent to about 60 to 90 minutes of resistance training. Many of our patients who have limited time (or are lazy) but still want to stay toned and in shape, purchase a unit for home use (call us at 941-955-4325 for information).