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Advanced Weight Loss & Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Dr. Mark Walter
Dr. Mark Walter, M.D.

At BodySculptingMD we specialize in advanced weight loss and nonsurgical fat reduction techniques to permanently get rid of that unwanted, stubborn body fat and sculpt your body.

The optimal approach is dictated by the type and distribution of the body fat. For people who need to lose overall weight, our flagship program is our proprietary Bodysculpting Hormone Diet, which is quite simply the most effective, safest and physiologically-sound medical weight-loss program ever developed.

The key difference that makes this program so revolutionary is the blood sugar-stabilizing hormone cream which, applied daily, resets your hypothalamus (brain control center) so your metabolism burns fat and readjusts the appestat to stop the starvation-craving cycles. The weight loss program lasts 10 weeks; you eat real food, it’s easy, it’s healthy, and once you have reset the metabolism and the appestat, you don’t feel hungry and the fat literally melts off.

We have had a 95% success rate and the average person loses 20 to 30 pounds (per 10 week cycle). For many of our patients who have been frustrated in trying to lose weight (and/or keep it off!), the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

To complete the bodysculpting process or for people who are close to ideal weight but still have localized regions of stubborn fat, we use lipolaser (cold laser) to melt the fat and/or lipodissolve injections to dissolve the fat (the fat byproducts are then excreted via the lymph system!). In addition we use infrared LED technology to reduce cellulite and rejuvenate wrinkled facial skin. Whether you are female or male, these technologies have the power to literally transform your bodyshape and help you achieve the figure or physique you desire. Best of all, there is no downtime, the treatments are safe and virtually painless, and the results are attractive, natural-appearing and permanent.